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Celebrating Chardonnay Day: A Toast to the World’s Finest White Wine

Chardonnay Day is a special day dedicated to the appreciation of one of the world’s most beloved white wines. On this day, we celebrate the unique flavour and complexity of Chardonnay, its unique history, and everything else that makes it so incredible. From its origins in France to its modern-day prominence in North America and […]

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Wine Not Celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day?

Sauvignon Blanc Day is an annual celebration of one of the world’s most popular and beloved white wines. Celebrated on May 6th each year, International Sauvignon Blanc Day marks the perfect time to enjoy a glass of this crisp and refreshing wine. Sauvignon Blanc Day is a chance for wine lovers to come together and […]

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The Perfect Day for Wine Lovers: International Malbec Day!

Are you a wine lover? Then mark your calendars for April 17th, because it’s International Malbec Day! This holiday is all about celebrating the flavours of this unique and delicious grape variety. History of International Malbec Day: International Malbec Day was first celebrated in 2011 to honour and recognize the unique character of this full-bodied […]

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Unlocking the Secrets of Open That Bottle Night: The One Night Every Wine Lover Waits For!

Open That Bottle Night is celebrated on the 25th of February 2024, as a special event that brings wine enthusiasts together and encourages them to dust off their most special bottles and share the stories behind them. Open That Bottle Night, or OTBN was created by two American food and wine writers, Dorothy J. Gaiter […]

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National Drink Wine Day

National Drink Wine Day is observed annually on February 18th. This special day celebrates the positive health benefits of moderate wine consumption and marks a great opportunity to enjoy a glass or two with friends and family. National Drink Wine Day has been around since at least 2007 when it was first commemorated as National […]

Glass of Syrah / Shiraz

International Syrah / Shiraz Day

International Syrah / Shiraz Day is an annual event celebrated on February 16th each year. The day was created by wine lovers around the world to show appreciation for one of the most popular red wines in the world. Celebrations typically involve drinking and pairing Syrah/Shiraz with food and attending live events, tastings, and seminars. […]

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National Sangria Day

Did you know that National Sangria Day is a thing? Neither did we! But apparently, it’s celebrated annually on December 20th. Who would have thought? In honor of this festive day, we wanted to share some information about the history and origins of sangria. Sangria is a drink that has been around for centuries, and […]

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The Best Ways To Store Wine After It Has Been Opened

If you want to improve your wine-tasting abilities, one of the obstacles you may face is preserving wine if you open more than one bottle at a time. This article will discuss how to keep your wine as fresh as possible for as long as feasible. It’s always tricky to practise wine tasting without a […]

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How To Choose The Perfect Wine Glass

Scientific evidence suggests that some wine glasses perform better than others. That being said, which wine glasses are best for you? You can drink wine from any vessel, whether a wine glass, a coffee mug, a mason jar, or a dixie cup. You can skip the glass and drink straight from the bottle if you […]

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Wine Blends vs. Varietals – What’s The Difference? 

Probably the simplest answer to that question is that it is a combination of the wine varietals available to us in South Africa that generally make up the South African blends. There’s a bit more to this though and with the genuine desire to assist and entertain our valued clientele, we at Bellevue Estate love […]